Getting Started

  • The goal of each challenge is to achieve certain fitness goal each day for a specific amount of time. 
  • To ensure you meet the daily goal, we recommend you achieve a small amount over the daily goal during your activity.
  • Due to a regional time difference, we accept participants until the day following the start of the game. (GMT +00:00) If the number of participants is less than 5, the game will be canceled automatically.
  • You have three days off during a three weeks game. The number of days off could be different in accordance to a game. 
  • You can easily join the games: You need to pay the entry fee at least one day prior to the start date. For example, if the game begins on November 15, you can join the game by November 14
  • The minimum number of players required to start a game is 5. The game with less than 5 players will be automatically removed before Day 1. A full refund will be provided.  


Free Game
  • A free game is a trial version. No entry fee is required.
  • Users do not receive any cash reward in the free game since there is no entry free.
  • We randomly pick 5 players among winners who achieve the goal of the free game and give them $ 3 worth of game credit.
  • The game credit expires in a month.
Jogging Game
  • To win a jogging game, you are required to jog at least 3Km every day during a certain period of time. (A game period)
  • All participants use the function of “Workout Mode or Running Mode” in your wearables devices and/or fitness apps. SPRYFIT records and use your workout/running information such as Time, Distance and Pace to judge whether you succeed or not.
  • “Jogging” at SPRYFIT is defined that you run at a faster pace than 10’00’’ per Km (16’05’’ per Mile). If your pace is over 10’00’’ while jogging, you fail to achieve your daily goal.
  • All participants receive the days off during the game; the number of days off varies. You need to check the rule before joining the game.
  • You are not allowed to change your wearable devices and/or fitness apps while attending the game.
Walking Game
  • The goal of Steps Challenge is to walk certain steps each day for a specific amount of time. * For example, if 10000 steps game continues for 3 weeks, you have to walk more than 10,000 steps each day for all 21 days (or 3 weeks) in order to win the game.
  • SPRYFIT only counts steps recorded in players’ wearable devices and smartphone applications.  


  • Players must use their wearable devices or smartphone applications that provide a step counter for the game.
  • Players must select their wearable devices or applications from a list and register it before the game. Then, players must use the same wearable device or the application to play the games.
  • SPRYFIT verifies a players’ daily steps based on the time / the date data stored in the players’ registered wearable devices
  • You phone and wearables devices may adjust your local time zone automatically when you are traveling to other places. This will affect your fitness data (step count, distance, Duration, etc.) since it gives you more/less hours in a day during the game. For this reason, the users who attends SPRYFIT games should have a plan for this time zone change. Our system recognizes your data based on the local time in your phone and wearable devices. SPRYFIT is not responsible for your change of your fitness data caused by the Time Zone change(Step Count, Distance, Duration, etc.) So please keep this in your mind.
  • Players’ activity information from the wearable devices (except Fitbit) are updated automatically into SPRYFIT’s application.
  • If you use a Fitbit for the game, you must sync your Fitbit regularly. If you don’t, the steps from your Fitbit Tracker will not be counted toward the game.
  • SPRYFIT do not accept any changes of the results caused by your lost of trackers, out of battery, error of applications and damaged trackers.
  • The outcomes of each game will be verified by SPRYFIT within 72 hours of the game’s end time and is based on the information contained in the players’ wearable devices and applications. Any information received after this 72 hour window will not be included in SPRYFIT’s verification process.
  • SPRYFIT constantly monitors the activities of players using advanced algorithms to detect illegal activities, which are those activities that go against our game rules. Players suspected of engaging in illegal activities or cheating will be immediately banned from all SPRYFIT games and will not be allowed join any games in the future. Banned players shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees. SPRYFIT will take a strong action against cheating and other illegal activities for the sake of other players.


  • Our return policy applies to players who joined a game. Players are allowed to claim a full refund two business days before the game starts. The refund applies only to game entry fees. Other petitions for refunds may be considered by SPRYFIT if accompanied by medical documentation, though SPRYFIT retains the right to ultimately decide.


  • The winners are eligible to receive a cash reward. The mount of the cash reward varies since it depends on the number of winners and losers.
  • The total amount of entry fees excluding SPRYFIT’s service fee is equally distributed to the winners as a cash reward.
  • SPRYFIT defines a ”winner” as a player who achieve his/her fitness goal each day during the entire game period.
  • The losers lose their entry fee. A “Loser” is defined as a player who failed to achieve the goal of the game.
  • The cash rewards will be available to check within 72 hours after the game.
  • Players can check their rewards in My FIT(1 FIT = 1$) on setting. SPRYFIT will send the rewards to players’ Paypal accounts once we receive the request from the players. The players would receive the cash reward through their PayPal account within 72 hours. If SPRYFIT does not receive the requests, the rewards will remain in the players’ accounts.
  • Players can use the remaining balance in their SPRYFIT account to join other games. If the rewards amount is less than the game entry fee, the rewards amount will be used first, and players can pay the balance with a credit card or Paypal account.

Unsafe and Unsportsmanlike behavior

  • You must be 18 years old or older to join our games.
  • If you are pregnant, elderly and any other in health status that our games affect your health, you are not allowed join our games.
  • If you have chronic disease or any other medical issues, you are not allowed to join our games. If found, you are banned immediately from all games you are attending and/or will attend.
  • If you have symptoms of asthma, vomiting and dehydration, you are not allowed to join our games.
  • If you receive a medical report affecting the result of games during the game term, you might be banned from the games you are attending and/or will attend.
  • Players caught cheating and manipulating the activity information will be banned immediately from the entire SPRYFIT games and will not be allowed join any games in the future.

Fair Play

  • Do not manipulate your activity information. We, SPRYFIT, want you to achieve your goal in a right way and want you to be healthy.
  • Do not make a false and malicious statement to other players. We want you to have “A sound mind in a sound body”.
  • Do not create more than one account.
  • Do not conduct commercial and business activity in our service.

Disclaimer and Indemnification

  • Please consult with a doctor before attending SPRYFIT’s games if you have any history of chronic disease or other medical issues. Players assume all risks of their participation.
  • Each game has its duration. Please be recognized of possibility that you do not achieve your goal.
  • You can lose your game entry fee paid upfront if you don’t achieve the fitness goal.
  • SPRYFIT does not allow our games to be used in places where the type of our games are illegal.