The SPRYFIT story
In 2016, Victor and Chris were trying to discover the ways to maintain long-lasting motivation to lose weight. Some studies have shown that people simply lack the encouragement to stay consistent with diet and exercise, so do they. For that reason, they wanted the mobile app that would make exercise become a habit and give some credits when they hit the goal. Today, SPRYFIT is considered as one of the fastest growing apps that provides a strong fitness motivation and a competitive cash reward.

Team SPRYFIT believes that everyone should enjoy exercise, focus on process goals, and celebrate the successes. We don’t ask you to achieve unattainable goals. You choose the step challenge that you want, and simply walk targeted steps every day for a certain period. Then, you will win the cash prize. What a wonderful app!

Our mission is to make millions of people stay healthy by walking and happy with more cash prizes.

Connect, Compete, and Cash Out!
Get $3 credits off your first challenge
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